Vehicle modifications - what's acceptable?

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Private Car

Do you accept LPG conversions?

Yes. LPG conversions are treated under normal terms provided that the vehicle had the tank and other LPG conversion parts installed by the vehicle manufacturer, or the conversion has been carried out by a member of the LP Gas Association and the appropriate installation certificate is provided.

The policyholder changes their winter tyres each year - is this considered a modification?

No. As it's making the car safer, we're happy to accept this and not class it as a modification.

Do you offer cover where the policyholder has added a Blue Fin Chip to their vehicle?

No, we wouldn't offer cover for this modification.

Which modifications do you accept?

We accept the following modifications:

  • Adapted for disability
  • Air conditioning
  • Alarms/immobilisers/tracking devices
  • Alphadot
  • Biodegradable fuel
  • Bluetooth kit
  • Body coloured bumpers
  • Camera - in-car cctv
  • Car phones
  • Climate control
  • Datatag
  • Debadged
  • Driving lights
  • Fog lamps
  • High level brake light
  • Indicators - added
  • Indicators - uprated
  • Locking wheel nuts
  • LPG conversion
  • Parking camera - inside vehicle
  • Parking camera - outside vehicle
  • Parking sensors
  • Roof rack
  • Satellite navigation equipment
  • Sports steering wheel
  • Sunroof
  • Telematics device
  • Tinted windows (within legal limits)
  • Towbar
  • Unleaded fuel conversion
  • Upgraded external mirrors
  • Upholstery changes
  • Uprated head lamps
  • Uprated headlight bulbs
  • Uprated stereo systems
  • Wheel trims
  • Wheelchair clamps/straps
  • Wheelchair lift/ramp/winch
  • Wheels - alloy
  • Wipers - added
  • Wipers – upgrade

Commercial Vehicle

Do you accept painted signs on Clear Commercial Vehicle?

Yes. Painted signs of any size are acceptable.

Do you class uprated head lamps as an acceptable modification under Clear Commercial Vehicle?


Can customers fit deadlocks to their commercial vehicles?

Yes, as additional security – though no discounts are applied.

Do you cover external racking on Clear Commercial Vehicle policies?


Are glaziers acceptable on Clear Commercial Vehicle?

Yes, glaziers are an acceptable occupation. If they have external racking as a modification on their van then this is also acceptable. We ask you to check that the external racking which is going to be used for transporting glass is designed specifically for this task.

Do you class telematics devices as an acceptable modification under Clear Commercial Vehicle?


Do you accept water tanks or water fed pole systems fitted to vans?

Yes; we regard water tanks, or water fed pole system as a modification to the vehicle where they are permanently fixed to the vehicle floor by a professional and suitably qualified mechanic or engineer. A water tank or water fed pole system is considered a modification when it is permanently fitted within the vehicle, e.g. professionally bolted down. Where the water tank/water fed pole system is portable or not permanently installed (e.g. simply placed or strapped in) this would be considered a personal belonging, and therefore is excluded for loss or damage under the policy as business equipment.

Brokers should be careful to check with the insured the following:

  • Size of the water tank (Litres of water which can be stored)
  • Is the tank/pole system a permanent fixture? (Bolted to the chassis/body)
  • The vehicle value provided by the customer must include the value of the modification.

Standard Allianz acceptance criteria will apply, in addition to:

  • The vehicles pay load must be not exceeded when water tank is full.
  • The water tank/water fed pole system must be a permanent fixture. Portable water tanks/pole systems are excluded under the personal belongings section of the policy as business equipment.
  • The value of the water tank/water fed pole system must be correctly reflected in the vehicle value.
  • If the water tank/water fed pole system is changed at any point during the life cycle of the vehicle, the vehicle value must be updated to reflect this.