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Posted on: 01 April 2015

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At Allianz we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service. Receiving feedback is invaluable to our business, and we love hearing your customers’ feelings about the service they’ve received from us. Using real life customer experiences, we’ve brought the Allianz journey to life; showing you exactly how your customers feel about our service in their moment of need.

Mr Spencer was left distressed after finding his garage had been burgled. Not only had items with a high value been taken, but items which held a sentimental value; often much more distressing. Although Mr Spencer found his experience unsettling, he felt reassured by the faultless service he received for the duration of his claim. We went to visit Mr Spencer to see how he felt the unfortunate situation was handled.

Watch Mr Spencer's video to hear his thoughts

When a tree collapsed onto Mr Pollock’s workshop during high winds, significant damage was caused. Mr Pollock was thrilled with our service, and contacted us to express his satisfaction with our claims process. See what Mr Pollock had to say about his stressful situation in high winds, and his experience with Allianz.

Customer stories like these are invaluable to us. We hope you’ll enjoy future Broker Insight updates on the latest customer feedback we receive!