New speeding fines: what you need to know

Posted on: 25 April 2017

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New penalties coming into force this month mean that drivers taken to court for speeding will face much tougher consequences.

With 3064 people killed or seriously injured in crashes where speed was a factor in 2013 (Gov UK), speeding is a significant safety issue. To reflect the risk that speeding presents and to help improve the safety of our roads, the Government has increased the severity of the penalties for those who are sentenced in court for speeding.

The stricter speeding penalties were enforced on 24 April this year.

What are the new penalties?

The new penalties introduce a zero tolerance policy for repeat offenders, who will automatically receive 3 or more points on their licence.

Furthermore, those taken to court for speeding will no longer face a fixed fine; the fine will instead range from 50 to 150% of the offender’s weekly income, depending on the severity of the offence. This severity is classified using three bands: band A, B and C. 

On average, for a band A offence you can expect to be fined 50% of your weekly income, 100% for a band B and 150% for a band C – a significant cost for those found guilty in court. The table below provides further detail on the varying penalties.  

However, officials have been told to consider any mitigating or aggravating factors when issuing fines for speeding. These factors could see the fines either decreased to 25% or increased to 175%. A mitigating factor, such as speeding during an emergency will not erase the fine completely but could see it reduced slightly. However, any aggravating factors, such as the number of previous convictions received will also be taken into account. These factors could result in the speeding fine being increased up to 175%. 

Source: Sentencing Council
Speed limit Recorded speed (mph)
20 41 and above 31-40 21-30  
30 51 and above 41-50 31-40       
40 66 and above 56-65 41-55       
50 76 and above 66-75 51-65       
60 91 and above 81-90 61-80       
70 101 and above 91-100 71-90        
Sentencing range Band C fine Band B fine
Band A fine        
Points/disqualification Disqualify 7-56 days OR 6 points Disqualify 7-28 days OR 4-6 points 3 points          

The current minimum fine of £100 for standard offences settled outside the court remains.

Is there a limit to the new sentencing fines?

Yes – the new speeding fines are not unlimited. They are capped at £2500 for those caught speeding on the motorway and £1000 everywhere else.  

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For more information on the new sentencing guidelines please see the Sentencing Council website