Motor Insurance - The Future is Clear

Posted on: 15 August 2014

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Since being introduced in 2010, Allianz Clear Private Car insurance has offered comprehensive cover at a competitive price. It includes a lot of benefits that not everyone is aware of, for instance, we have always protected our policyholders against uninsured drivers.

We believe our approach to no claims discount is market leading. The Allianz Clear motor product allows NCD to be protected after just one year. We offer a 10 year scale, plus our step back rule of ‘minus 2 years per claim’ applies all the way through the scale, so we do not step back to 3 years if the earned NCD is 6 years or more. With 9 years NCD we step back to 7 years NCD after 1 claim.

Further benefits included as standard with a Clear Private Car policy are: Personal Belongings, Personal Injury, Foreign Travel for up to 90 days per policy year, Luggage Trailer (whether or not the trailer is attached), Replacement Locks, Medical Expenses, Emergency Accommodation and Travel Expenses cover.

We have recently undertaken a full review of all of our policy wordings to make sure that they are clear and easy to read, so your customers will understand exactly what they are buying. In this highly regulated environment, Allianz want to know that our policies can be understood by anyone who buys one of our products.

To find out more about Clear Private Car, click here or speak to your Allianz Account Developer. We really value your feedback on our products, so why not let us know what you think now, simply email, we'd love to hear your views.