Is your Ford Transit safe?

Posted on: 04 June 2018

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There have been reports that new Ford Transits are susceptible to break-ins through the driver’s door. There is a fix available from Ford, which is a software change.

What's been happening?

As standard, when the door cylinder is forced round within the door skin, the unlocking of the door linkage also unlocks the rear load area. The (free of charge) fix from Ford disconnects unlocking the rear load area from operation of the driver’s door lock, so only access to the cabin area is possible, if the driver’s door lock is forced.

There is an additional option, (at extra cost to the user), consisting of a stainless steel bezel that goes over the door lock cylinder that reduces risk of getting any tool purchase to the outer rim of the cylinder.

We wanted to highlight this potential risk to Ford Transit owners. If you’re worried about your Transit and what’s in it, contact Ford to see if your version might need a fix. This isn’t to say that there aren’t issues with other types of van – we’ve just been made aware of this issue with Transits and we’ll update you if we hear of others.