Falling trees, leaking water installations and burst pipes

Posted on: 19 January 2018

As part of our risk management proposition for Allianz Commercial policyholders, services from tree management specialist, Blythe Valley, and LeakSafe, a provider of water damage protection solutions, are now available at discounted rates via our preferred suppliers’ scheme.

LeakSafe - Water damage protection services

Whether it’s an undetected small leak or a burst pipe, escape of water has the potential to cause major property damage that leads to thousands of pounds being spent on repairs. And while work is being undertaken to recover from a water damage incident, businesses can face lengthy interruption as they’re unable to access their premises, see their customers and access equipment.

In 2015, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty’s Global Claims Review revealed that water damage was the cause for 19% of business interruption claims by mid-corporate businesses, making it second only to fire and explosion and, following this, figures for the third quarter of 2017 show that UK business interruption claims resulting from escape of water incidents were the highest they had been for 18 months1.

LeakSafe can help by providing and installing products that detect leaks and burst pipes, shut off the water supply and provide an alert, with 40% off the retail price. A survey service is also offered to ensure that the most appropriate solutions for the premises are selected.

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Blythe Valley - Arborist and tree management services

Falling trees often make regional news when they cause a nuisance by blocking roads, but consequences can be far more severe than traffic delays.

Considering a 24m common ash can weigh approximately 2,500kg to 3,000kg2 – about the equivalent of a car and a half3 – the consequences for anyone and anything in the path of a tree in freefall will be significant.

Besides the peril from unstable trees, the heave and subsidence their presence or absence can cause might result in significant problems for the site owners and neighbouring properties, while falling leaves and expanding roots create slips and trips hazards as well as block and damage gutter and drain systems. Additionally, some trees may be legally protected, or they may be vulnerable to diseases like ash dieback – there’s an array of potential threats associated with trees that some might not fully appreciate.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Occupiers Liability Act 1984, owners and occupiers of land are legally liable for any loss or damage caused by trees or plants rooted within their boundaries. It’s therefore vital that property owners take the hazards posed by their trees and plants seriously.

Blythe Valley has over 20 years’ experience offering a range of arboricultural services to the domestic, local authority and private sector markets and is offering an exclusive 10% discount on various services, including inspection, maintenance and emergency services and pest, disease and weed control.

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