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Posted on: 15 August 2014

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The broker market is fundamental to the success of Allianz and one of the reasons we were recently awarded 'General Insurer of the Decade' at the British Insurance Awards.

We can only be successful in this market by listening to your feedback and acting upon it, which is why we always want you to share your views and opinions on our products, staff, processes, etc with us.

Emma Winter, who is part of our Broker Service team, recently received some fantastic feedback from one of our broker partners.

James Thompson, from Swinton, wrote to Allianz to thank Emma for her continued help and support.

“I just want to give special thanks for Emma’s help and guidance regarding the policy query and generally for the help she has given me recently across the board. She has made dealing with Allianz and absolute joy. She has always gone to every effort to help, and I hold Allianz in such high regard because of the way she has been with me. We all have a very busy, and at times difficult job to do, but her enthusiasm, friendliness, and the way she simply does what she says she will do no matter what it is, deserves a special mention, and I hope this feedback will help support any evidence towards any personal development plans you do. Emma really does an excellent job, and all at Swinton Van thank her for her efforts.”

This feedback demonstrates the commitment we have to helping and supporting all of our broker partners and we will endeavour to continue to provide service that is second to none.

We'd love you hear from you, whether it's positive or ways in which we can improve. Why not drop us an email now with your feedback to: -

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