Electronic BACS Payments

Posted on: 07 February 2014

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We are pleased to confirm that we have found another way to make your customers' lives easier, as we have now introduced electronic BACS payments as part of our claims process.

From now on, during a claim, your customer is given the option as to how they would like to receive payment. This can either be done by an electronic BACS payment transfer, which is a quick and easy process as the money goes directly into the bank account provided, or via the alternative option of a cheque.

This new process gives your customers different options to consider, and ensures we deliver a service that they will find helpful. The BACS payment process is quick and easy and it will give your customers the choice when dealing with a claim.

We plan to continue to make your customers lives easier throughout 2014 and if you have any feedback for us regarding BACS payments, please email us at: -

Allianz Retail Marketing

Alternatively please visit the FAQs section of our website, which will help to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.