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What medical conditions do the DVLA need to know about?

Posted on: 19 September 2018

The DVLA need to make sure people are safe to drive on the roads. Because of this, they need to know about any medical conditions that might affect your driving.

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Allianz QuoteSME wins 'best extranet' award

Posted on: 18 September 2018

Allianz took home the award for 'best extranet' for its QuoteSME platform, at the Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards.

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Electric goods vehicles need an MOT certificate now

Posted on: 05 September 2018

A new law came into force on 1 September 2018. It has far reaching consequences for anyone driving an electric goods vehicle.

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Getting smarter in the workplace

Posted on: 30 August 2018

Smart building technology is transforming the way businesses operate, driving efficiencies and making the workplace safer, but it’s also changing the risk landscape.

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New guidelines expected to increase prison sentence lengths for gross negligence manslaughter

Posted on: 07 August 2018

The Sentencing Council has published specific guidelines for courts in England and Wales dealing with certain types of manslaughter; These guidelines will be used for sentences imposed from 1 November 2018.

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SME - overcoming underinsurance

Posted on: 31 July 2018

In this article for Modern Insurance Magazine, Harriet Conway, SME business insight manager, provides a brief summary of the issue of underinsurance amongst SMEs.

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The insurance industry: Supporting SMEs to prosper

Posted on: 26 July 2018

It’s important SMEs are supported by the insurance industry in order to maximise their potential for trading successfully over the long-term.

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Safety and Shipping Review 2018 (AGCS)

Posted on: 19 July 2018

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty's (AGCS) annual Safety and Shipping Review analyses the trends amongst shipping casualties and forecasts the risks and opportunities on the industry's horizon.

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New minimum standards for energy efficiency in properties

Posted on: 26 June 2018

In April 2018, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into force in England and Wales, making it illegal to let or renew a lease on a residential or commercial property if the EPC score falls below an ‘E’ rating.

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The threats and opportunities of autonomous ships

Posted on: 25 June 2018

As autonomous cars feature increasingly in the headlines, it seems the world of shipping is not far behind.

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