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Allianz enhances legal services benefits for commercial customers

Posted on: 24 March 2017

Through a new partnership with international law firm DWF LLP, Allianz now offers Commercial customers a broader range of free and discounted legal services.

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A responsible claims service

Posted on: 10 March 2017

Despite the Government’s and the industry’s best efforts, a compensation culture is still endemic in the UK and so, on 23rd February 2017, the Government announced its decision on whiplash reform.

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Government releases outcome of whiplash claims consultation

Posted on: 10 March 2017

The Ministry of Justice has recently published its response to the whiplash claims consultation

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We've launched a new initiative with Lightfoot

Posted on: 09 March 2017

We've launched a new initiative with Lightfoot, designed to encourage and reward safer driving among UK fleets.

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Up in the clouds – the potential of cloud technology to transform the motor insurance landscape

Posted on: 08 March 2017

Collecting real-time data on a driver and using it to gain insight into an individual’s driving behaviour is nothing new, but cloud computing is introducing new opportunities for insurers and fleet managers.

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One year on: health and safety sentencing guidelines

Posted on: 08 March 2017

Companies are feeling the effects financially, as a consequence of the stricter Health and Safety sentencing guidelines

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Introducing our 10 reasons videos

Posted on: 07 March 2017

Our new 10 reasons videos provide you with an overview into the key reasons behind the insurance needs of today

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Do not disturb – the risks and safety considerations of driver distraction

Posted on: 02 March 2017

The impact a conviction due to 'distracted driving' is no less significant for businesses as it is for individuals. The employer may be investigated, reputations are damaged and there could potentially be business interruption.

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The Ogden discount rate has been reduced

Posted on: 02 March 2017

We explain what this change, taking effect from 20 March 2017, means and the impact that it will have on the industry, Allianz, and our customers.

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Allianz becomes official partner of Formula E

Posted on: 28 February 2017

Allianz and the all-electric racing series Formula E's mutual commitment to innovation and passion for racing has led to the announcement of an official global partnership.

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