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Glen Clarke, head of transformational propositions

Head of transformational propositions 

Autonomous vehicles are changing the way we think about driving in the future. With levels of autonomy already present in some cars, this exciting technology has the ability to disrupt typical insurance models.

Glen Clarke, Head of transformational propositions at Allianz UK discusses the transition to drivlerless cars and what this means for the insurance industry and brokers.

James Tucker, data science expert

Business and insurance can now gain deeper insight into customers, risks and trends with data science. It has the potential to transform organisations as we generate and analyse more data everyday.

James Tucker, Smart Technology manager, talks through data science and why it is a key element of insurance. 

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David Hull, information security expert

As cyber crime becomes an increasingly hot topic for businesses and their customers, a new industry is emerging to provide defensive solutions.

Former Surrey Sussex Collaborated Cyber Crime Team detective and Information Security Senior Analyst for Allianz, David Hull, talks about the cyber crime trends affecting businesses and what they can do to protect themselves, and their customers.

Jenny Steyn, business systems expert

It's predicted that, by 2025, around half of all daily work activities carried out by people will instead be undertaken by machines.

Jenny Steyn, Head of Business Systems, talks through the opportunities emerging technology, particularly robotic process automation (RPA), is presenting to the insurance industry.

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Andy Miller, loss control expert

This year's Allianz Risk Barometer identified that the three top risks for businesses are currently cyber, business interruption and changes in legislation and regulation.

Andy Miller, Technical Manager, Loss Control Engineering, gives guidance around the issues surrounding these risks, explains what brokers can do to assist businesses and how our new online hub, Allianz risk management, can help.

Adam Rates, IT expert

A recent study found that 91% of enterprises expect AI to deliver new business growth by 2023.

AI can refer to many technologies so Adam Rates, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture explores how we are using AI in the insurance industry and how brokers can use this to enhance their business proposition.

Neil Dwayne, strategy expert

Disruption is becoming one of the most powerful business and investment threats we are currently dealing with. 

Neil Dwayne, Global Strategist at Allianz Global Investors, tells us what businesses need to do to protect themselves against the threat of business disruption. 

Sarah Mallaby, broker expert

The World Economic Forum says that 35% of the skills we’ll need by 2030 don’t exist at the moment, so how will this affect insurance?’.

Sarah Mallaby, Director of Broker Markets at Allianz, tells us what brokers can do to future proof themselves and what makes her an Allianz expert.

Tom Chamberlain, drone expert

It’s estimated there’ll be 4.7 million drones by 2020. Commercially, they’re being used for all kinds of things. If a helicopter was used in the past, it is likely this can now be replaced with a drone.

Tom Chamberlain, Underwriting Manager, Aerospace and General Aviation at Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty London, tells us his experiences working with drones and what makes him an Allianz expert.

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Srdjan Todorovic, global terrorism expert

How are the changes in terrorists' methods affecting businesses?

Srdjan Todorovic, head of terrorism, RUL at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty talks through changes in the techniques used by terrorists, and what can be done to reduce the implications of these new styles of attack on businesses.

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Captain Rahul Khanna, global marine expert

As the threat from cyber attacks increases, how could businesses, particularly in, or with links to, the shipping industry, be impacted?

Captain Rahul Khanna has fourteen years' experience on board oil tankers and bulk carriers all around the globe, and so he has a good understanding of what issues, such as cyber threats, can affect the shipping industry.

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Stuart Daws, risk management expert

Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and worse. What should businesses do to prepare themselves for the worst case scenario?

Stuart Daws, risk control survey manager at Allianz tells us about his 25 years’ experience, what changes he’s seen in that time and what businesses should know going forward so they can take action.

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Neil Clutterbuck, underwriting expert

Since the 2016 referendum, there has been a lot of uncertainty about the future for UK businesses once we've exited the European Union.

Neil Clutterbuck, chief underwriting officer at Allianz, provides his thoughts on the issues that may be on the horizon as the Brexit deadline moves closer, based on 28 years’ experience in the sector.

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James Burge, fraud expert

The industry is a victim of its own success. Counter fraud techniques in the personal lines market has forced fraudsters to move into commercial lines.

We've seen cases where a fraudster sets up a business to take out motor insurance for vehicles used in cash-for-crash and also instances where they steal a director's identity to go undetected.

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Martin Banasik, engineering expert

Machinery is increasingly operated wirelessly. Working in this way has a lot of advantages, especially safety, but it has also introduced new challenges, including cyber risk.   

Martin Banasik, Principal Engineer (lift and crane) at Allianz Engineering opens our eyes to his experiences – detailing what makes him one of our experts.