Electronic trading is the quickest and most efficient method of you doing business with us. Whether you choose to trade with us via your own bespoke system or one of the generally available insurance broking systems from a Software Vendor, we can support you with a range of high quality products.

QuoteSME - powered up+ digital trading


Our broker digital trading solution, QuoteSME, provides you with access to all our ‘Complete’ SME products to make it even easier for brokers to place business with us.

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imarket is a free service for brokers which provides a number of benefit by connecting our online trading system to your broker back office systems.

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Allianz Retail Electronic Trading

Guidelines for using third parties

If you transmit business with us via a third party, we will consider them as your Agent for whom you accept full liability for their actions and any resulting omissions or breaches of the requirements outlined on these documents.

Please inform us of the presence of any website or e-trading platform through which you operate or intend to operate on which our name, rates or products appear and seek our agreement of this. Similarly, this applies to any link to our website.

Customer Newsletters

To simplify the documentation requirements for renewal business we will provide Customer Newsletters for EDI business via SWH rather than manual letters. This will help to streamline the renewal process in your office as newsletters will be generated and printed as and when they are required. This will help ensure customers automatically receive the correct version of the newsletter relevant to their policy. Also, you will not have to re-order and manage stocks of Customer Newsletters within your office.

Change of Software Houses

Our products are offered on all or some of the following software house systems:

  • Acturis
  • CDL
  • Insurecom
  • Open GI
  • SSP/Sirius

Other broker specific software house systems are also available on some of our products. Please view Product Information for specific details on which software house systems can be used for each product.

Changing Software House Provider

If you wish to transfer your system to another Software House, you must ensure that any data from your former system, retained under the Provisions of Terms, is maintained in a manner that complies with regulatory requirement. This can either be via data transfer to your new System or maintenance via manual records.