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General Documentation
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Engineering Documents

To download documentation relating to our Engineering products and services, please visit Engineering Documents.

Home Comforts and HomeCover policy wording

Please note that for the below home products (HomeCover, HomePlans, Homestead, Harmony) we use the Home Comforts policy wording.

Home Insurance Documentation
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Clear Essential
Clear Advance
Clear Complete
Home General Documentation
Home Comforts

Personal Motor Documentation
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Clear Private Car
Commercial Vehicle
Clear Commercial Vehicle
Motor General Documentation
Horizon Commercial Vehicle

Legal Protection Documentation
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Legal Pro-Motor

SME Solutions Documentation
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Complete Cargo
Complete Business
Complete Flatowner
Complete Property Owner
Complete Retailer
Complete Office
Complete Contractor
Complete Commercial Vehicle
SME Solutions

Document Archive

The above table only contains the most recent version for each document. For new business which was written prior to 29th February 2016, or policies which renewed prior to 1st October 2016, please visit the relevant product page for the applicable policy wording.

Mid Corporate Property and Casualty Policy Wordings

Please note that the policy wordings for Commercial mid corporate property and casualty propositions are not available to download from this page. Please visit the relevant product page under Property and Casualty to locate and download these documents.

Property & Casualty Products Documentation
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Property Owners Select
Cross Border
Construction Select
Excess of Loss
Commercial Select (SZ) range - General Documents
Mid-Corporate Propositions
Commercial Select
Wholesale & Retail
Metalworking and Precision Engineering
Professional Services
General Manufacturing
Print, Publishing and Media

Speciality Products

Professional Indemnity Documentation
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PI Policy Wording (SZ)
Complete Professional Indemnity
PI Proposals
PI Solutions
Complete Professional Indemnity (non-wording)
Professional Indemnity

Commercial Motor

Motor Trade Documentation
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Motor Trade Solutions
Complete Motor Trade RMI
Motor Trade Select and Headlight (11/2015 - 07/2016)
Motor Trade RMI
Complete Motor Trade
Motor Trade Select
Motor Trade Select and RMI
Complete Motor Trade and RMI
Motor Trade - General Documents
Complete Motor Trade and Headlight (11/2015 - 07/2016)