Cover notes

We no longer provide 'manual' cover note books for personal lines policies

Due to increasing digitalisation of our operations, we will no longer be supplying manual cover note books for personal lines motor insurance policies.

Refer to our guidance about electronic cover notes for information on signing up.

Electronic cover notes are a faster alternative to issuing manual cover notes and your employees will require minimal training for their implementation. Further benefits include:

  • Professional document – provides a high quality printed document for your customer rather than a hand written note.
  • Saves time – speeds-up the cover note process.
  • Reusable – submitted data can be saved and reused for future requests.
  • Minimises paper storage – no need to store cover note books.
  • Free – there is no charge for this service.
  • Proven – the service is already in use with many brokers.

Please note: Electronic cover notes are not available for motor trade policies and therefore manual cover notes should be relied upon.

How to sign-up to Electronic Cover Notes on imarket

If you have not yet registered, go to and simply click on 'Register'.

Once you are registered, contact your Allianz Business Developer who will advise you on the next steps.

Download our step-by-step user guide

To get the first manual cover note book for new business, speak to your Allianz Business Developer. They will advise you on whether electronic cover notes may be a better option for the situation.

How to order a replacement manual cover note book

If you require a replacement Commercial Fleet or Motor Trade cover note book then there a few steps that you must go through before we can send you out a new one.

  • Unused cover notes should be crossed through to void them (do not staple, tear or cut them) prior to posting.
  • Your used booklet should then be sent to the following address:

Adare SEC
Byron House
Willow Drive
NG15 0DP

Please bear in mind that the return of old books does not automatically generate the issue of a new one. If you would like to request a book then this must be sent in writing either to the above address, emailed to or faxed to 01623 727501.

Electronic cover notes are an easier alternative to the manual equivalent. If you would like more information or help in making the switch, please contact your local Allianz representative who would be happy to lend assistance.