Allianz Legal Services

Our research shows that most small businesses don’t have the in-house legal expertise to deal with today’s challenges. By providing our policyholders with free legal advice, we can help them to operate in accordance with the law whilst saving them time and money.

Bigger companies who know their legal environment, may need specialist legal help. For example, businesses that are going through a large scale restructure, or a high profile legal battle. We can help ensure the correct procedures are followed and any unwanted media attention is avoided.

What is Allianz Legal Services?

Designed for customers that have Allianz Legal Expenses cover in place*, Allianz Legal Services provides free legal and tax advice, as well as a range of free and discounted legal services – supporting policyholders throughout their business’ journey.

Introduction to ALS [PDF]


Designed to remove the legal worry of running a business, helping Allianz customers to be compliant and avoid costly legal fees, such as employment tribunals and health and safety fines. It provides:

  • a free legal health check – an online questionnaire which identifies legal risks and gaps within customer’s legal documentation based on the activities that take place within the business
  • access to over 140 legal templates – customers can save time and money in preparing complex, legally binding contracts and policies by quickly creating them online at a time that suits them
  • safe storage of legal contracts – customer’s legal contracts and policies can be safely stored and edited online, allowing them to be accessed remotely
  • easy to use law guide – written by lawyers, our guide enables customers to understand legal processes and requirements
  • monthly legal bulletins – customers can stay up-to-date with legislation and regulation that affects their business.

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TALK Legal

We provide a range of telephone advice lines to help customers with their legal and tax issues. In addition, our crisis communication service gives them the knowledge and skills to act confidently should the worst happen. Customers with Legal Expenses cover can access:

  • Lawphone – a free 24/7/365 legal advice line. Our solicitors can provide legal advice on any business related matter.  From mergers and acquisitions, debt recovery and employment and property disputes to advice on intellectual property and the actions required following a data breech.**
  • free tax advice – free advice on business tax matters, provided by Abbey Tax. To access this service, customers should phone: 0344 873 0244 and quote the master policy number detailed in their insurance schedule.
  • discounted undisputed debt recovery service – legal action for undisputed debts over £250 provided by our specialist commercial solicitors DWF LLP (15% discount).**
  • discounted solicitor employment support – DWF LLP can assist with a redundancy programme or provide guidance on pursuing an internal disciplinary (15% discount for Allianz policyholders).**
  • discounted uninsured legal action – DWF LLP can take action on behalf of the customer for any commercial matter that’s not covered by their legal expenses policy (15% discount for Allianz policyholders).**
  • discounted crisis communication services – DWF LLP can provide customers with best practice advice on crisis communications, services include a review of existing crisis management policies, and advice on creating bespoke plans, as well as media training (15% discount for Allianz policyholders). To access this service, customers should phone 0800 197 9768 and state that they’re an Allianz customer.

**To access these services, policyholders should phone: 0344 873 7371 and quote their master policy number detailed in the insurance schedule.

Case studies

Jamie the Office Assistant

Jamie is responsible for the storage of all contracts in the office; employment, client, contractors, etc. He wants to digitalise their storage locations and, whilst doing so, conduct an audit to ensure they’re all fit for purpose.

Unfortunately, Jamie’s mother is terminally ill and he’s reduced his working hours in order to look after her. His manager hasn’t got time to help him, as he’s rushed off his feet, and the other accountant is on maternity leave.

Sam the Builder 

Sam runs a residential construction firm. He’s recently completed a project for which he was to be paid for in three instalments. Shortly before the third payment was due, the client asked Sam’s builders to leave the property on the grounds that they’d stained the patio with paint and left rubbish on the premises. The client is now refusing to pay the final payment.

Sam’s concerned because he needed the money to fulfil outstanding invoices from the build. He’s decided to make a claim to recover the payment.  

Justine’s Bus Company

Justine owns a bus company, which services local schools.  She’s got some legal problems and doesn’t know what to do for the best.

One of Justine’s drivers drove down a country lane into deep flood water. The driver had to abandon the bus and evacuate the children on board. The company is now under investigation by the Local Council, and is threatening to end Justine’s contract, as the bus driver allegedly drove through a ‘road closed’ sign.

She not only has the question of the driver’s suspension, but is now working longer hours to cover his shifts and missing contracts, along with cash flow problems she really needs help to get back on track.

*Legal Expenses is an optional cover within our Mid-Corporate, Motor and Construction propositions, it’s only available to customers who’ve taken out this cover as part of their policy. At present, it’s not available for standalone Speciality Lines policyholders.
Legal Expenses cover comes as standard within our core Property and Casualty Small Business policies: Complete Business, Complete Office, Complete Property Owner, Complete Flatowner, Complete Retailer and Complete Contractor.