Accident and Health Select

Accident & Health Select provides protection for companies operating in a wide range of trades, from small consultancy businesses to large manufacturing operations.

Whether it’s used to bolster your client’s employee benefits package, provide business continuity in the event of employee absence due to injury or illness, or protection for employees whilst travelling for business trips, our accident and health cover offers a comprehensive and flexible solution.

10 reasons for Accident and Health insurance

Features of Accident and Health Select

Your clients can purchase Group Personal Accident and Business Travel individually as standalone sections, combined, or added to one of our mid-corporate policies: Wholesale and Retail, General Manufacturing, Metalworking and Precision Engineering, Professional Services and Print, Publishing and Media.

Group Personal Accident – a lump sum or weekly benefit to clients in the event of an employee sustaining accidental bodily injury resulting in death, permanent total disablement or loss of limb, hearing, sight, intellectual capacity or speech or temporary total disablement.

Business Travel – covers directors, employees, contractors, guests and their accompanying spouse and children whilst on an insured trip including repatriation back to the UK where necessary.

Risk Appetite

Preferred Trades

We are prepared to underwrite any trade, including the following sectors:

Examples of risks we are not focusing on include:

  • Armed forces
  • Emergency services
  • Offshore trades


These additional services are provided as automatic benefits:

  • Medical advice line – advice and information on a wide range of medical issues, from the rights of patients and their families, to dos and don’ts before and after treatment
  • Pre-travel helpline – provides support and assistance for travel enquiries ranging from visa applications to inoculations. Please note this applies to the Business Travel section only
  • Emergency medical assistance – access to our dedicated assistance provider (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) who will deal with any necessary fees covered under the policy; arrange for multi-lingual medical staff to converse with doctors and hospitals if overseas; and provide repatriation with a qualified medical escort, where medically advised. Please note this applies to the Business Travel section only
  • Claims rehabilitation team – a team of clinically qualified professionals, including registered nurses and occupational therapists, who can arrange tailored rehabilitation and counselling programmes where needed. Please note this applies to the Personal Accident section only.

Risk management

Our risk management website,, provides business owners with: 

  • guidance on a range of risk topics spanning fire, health and safety, security, people management and environment and weather;
  • information to assist with the development of business continuity plans; and
  • specially negotiated rates from our preferred suppliers providing access to risk management products and services.

Documentation for Accident and Health Select

To download copies of our Accident and Health Select policy documents, please click the links below:


When your client makes a claim, they need an insurance provider that understands their loss and will be there at the crucial moments, providing them with the necessary help to  get them trading again as quickly as possible.

We'll provide your client with: 

  • claims analysis
  • fraud prevention
  • expert legal advice.

In addition, we have specialist claims teams to manage certain losses:

  • dedicated claims experts specialising in property and liability claims
  • a Major Loss Team
  • a Rehabilitation Team

For more detail on our claims service, please refer to the product documentation.

If you'd like further information on this product, or have a question regarding our services, please contact your local Allianz Commercial branch.

Risk Director

If you have a query regarding Risk Director, please complete the 'Contact Us' form found on the website.