Metalworking and Precision Engineering

The metalworking and precision engineering sector is an integral part of the manufacturing chain for all kinds of products, from front door keys to the most advanced medical devices.

Metalworking and Precision Engineering is a sub-proposition of General Manufacturing, addressing the unique needs of businesses within this sector and offering additional covers and risk management services for clients with premiums between £5,000 - £100,000.

Features of Metalworking and Precision Engineering

Metalworking and Precision Engineering clients will receive all features of our General Manufacturing proposition, plus:

Material Damage

  • Metal Workers Extension – cover for damage to contents and stock at sub-contractor’s or customer’s premises – £250,000 limit within the UK and £100,000 limit within the EU
  • Molten Material Breakout – covers sudden or unforeseen damage as a result of escape of molten material – £25,000 limit
  • Non-ferrous Metals – covers non-ferrous metal stock against rising commodity prices by giving cover up to 125% of the declared value.

Engineering Extension

  • Sudden and unforeseen damage cover – for all plant and machinery (excluding production and process equipment) limit of liability £500,000
  • Breakdown of computer equipment – excluding computer equipment used to control and manufacturing process limit of liability £100,000
  • Cover for own surrounding property – in the event of explosion of steam/pressure plant (excluding production and process steam/pressure plant) limit of liability £2,000,000
  • Business interruption cover – following sudden and unforeseen damage (excluding explosion) to plant and machinery (excluding production and process equipment) limit of liability £50,000.

Goods in Transit

  • Portable Hand Tools – protection for own tools in own vehicles – £5,000 limit per vehicle.

Risk Appetite

Preferred Trades

Manufacturers of metal construction products such as:

  • structural metalwork, fencing, gates, doors, windows and shutters
  • tanks, reservoirs, central heating radiators and boilers, air conditioning and fume extraction ducting.

Manufacturers of metal vehicles and metal vehicle parts such as:

  • trailers and caravans
  • parts of motor vehicles
  • construction equipment, earth moving equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery and mining equipment.

Manufacturers of other metal products such as:

  • furniture and display equipment – office, shop, domestic
  • general hardware – locks, hinges and fasteners
  • cutlery, medical/surgical and optical instruments
  • machine tools and hand tools
  • wire products, chains and springs
  • drums and containers
  • engines, turbines, pumps, compressors, taps, valves, bearings and gearing.

Other general metal workers such as:

  • those involved in casting, drawing, rolling, cold forming and folding
  • blacksmiths
  • farriers
  • welders.


  • Experienced local underwriters
  • Efficient and experienced claims service and access to our claims helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • For clients with Allianz Legal Expenses cover in place, free or discounted legal and tax advice in relation to their business via a range of online and telephone services
  • Commercial engineering cover and energy inspection services can be provided by Allianz Engineering.

Risk Management

FREE guidance via our Allianz risk management website, featuring:

  • Sector-specific risk management advice
  • Business impact assessment tool
  • Specially negotiated rates from our preferred suppliers providing access to risk management products and services, such as:

- Praxis 42 – health and safety advice

- Reactec - suppliers of HAVmeter

- Glen Abbot – supply chain risk management

- Hilti – passive fire protection

- BEST Services - lightning/surge protection

Engineering Inspection Services

Via Allianz Engineering we offer a wide range of plant and machinery inspection services, including:

  • Electrical and mechanical inspections
  • Lift and crane inspections
  • Power/press inspection
  • Pressure plant inspections.

In addition, Allianz Engineering's Special Services Team can arrange one-off inspections coupled with bespoke consultation in the fields of:

  • Electrical Services, such as fixed wiring inspections and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Energy Services.

Documentation for Metalworking and Precision Engineering

To download copies of our Metalworking and Precision Engineering policy documents, please click the links below:


When your client makes a claim, they need an insurance provider that understands their loss and will be there at the crucial moments, providing them with the necessary help to get them trading again as quickly as possible.

We'll provide your client with:

  • A dedicated claims handler
  • Out of hours helpline
  • Claims analysis
  • Fraud prevention
  • Expert legal advice.

In addition, we have specialist claims teams to manage certain losses:

  • Dedicated risk experts specialising in property and liability claims
  • Major Loss Team
  • Disease Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Rehabilitation Team
  • Allianz Claims Inspectors.

For more detail on our claims service, please refer to the product documentation.

Follow the links below to find claims contact information:

If you'd like further information on this product, or have a question regarding our services, please contact your local Allianz Commercial branch.

Risk Director

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