Excess of Loss

Excess of Loss is a top up liability cover designed for a wide range of small, medium and large businesses across a broad spectrum of trades and industries.

We can write up to £50m per line of business, allowing your clients to buy a higher limit of indemnity than their current liability insurer may be willing to provide. Excess of Loss enables them to top up the total level of their cover.

Available coverages:

  • Excess Employers' Liability
  • Excess Public and Products Liability
  • Excess Public Liability (standalone)
  • Excess JCT 6.5.1.

Features of Excess of Loss

  • Underwriting capacity up to £50m for each class of business
  • Annual or contract/event specific policies available
  • 100% lead and follow lines can be written
  • Issue standalone policies with the option of follow-form
  • Follow all authorised EU registered insurers
  • Experienced local underwriters with increased authority
  • Backed by specialist major loss claims team.

Risk Appetite

  • UK based companies with a turnover threshold of £350m (greater turnovers can also be considered)
  • A broad underwriting appetite, including trades that you may not typically associate Allianz with
  • Overseas exposures acceptable.


  • We use our capacity in full wherever possible
  • Easy to trade as we do not require sight of the underlying policy
  • 24-hour legal advice helpline and Allianz Legal Online
  • Efficient and experienced major loss claims handlers.

Documentation for Excess of Loss

To download copies of our Excess of Loss policy documents, please click the links below:


Excess of Loss claims require specific expertise. Our experienced major loss claims handlers will understand the nature of your client’s business, using their extensive knowledge and technical expertise to achieve positive outcomes.

We’ll provide your client with:

  • a dedicated major loss expert to manage your claim from start to finish
  • support and representation in relation to criminal prosecutions
  • experienced claims investigator/loss adjuster/panel lawyers to help investigate the circumstances of the claim
  • fraud detection and management.

If you'd like further information on this product, or have a question regarding our services, please contact your local Allianz Commercial branch.