Commercial Select

Our Commercial Select product is specifically designed to suit the needs of a range of mid to large businesses and gives your client the flexibility to choose from a wide range of covers, providing tailored protection that any organisation conducting business may require.

Features of Commercial Select

  • Experienced local underwriters
  • Modern and comprehensible policy wordings
  • Access to FREE risk management guidance via our risk management website
  • Computer wording available for the loss, damage or breakdown of equipment with optional covers for events such as data corruption as a result of a cyber attack
  • Engineering cover, energy and inspection services can be provided by Allianz Engineering
  • Efficient and experienced claims service
  • Optional Commercial legal expenses cover
  • Ability to combine Property and Casualty covers with speciality lines such as Professional Indemnity and Directors & Officers cover.

Risk Appetite

  • Businesses that:

- Place a high importance on keeping up-to-date with current     legislation and trade issues.

- Have a proactive approach to the reporting of risk issues.

- Are well-established and financially stable.

- Seek long-term relationships with their broker and insurer.

  • Property risks operated from fixed premises which are:

- Purpose built or suitably converted and in a good state of       repair.

- Located in a low crime area.

- Located in an area free from obvious flood hazards.

- Appropriately protected against fire and unlawful access.

  • Casualty risks which:

- Recognise, assess and take action to control health and         safety risks.

- Document HR procedures.

- Have a well-established and experienced management team.

- Have a sound financial record with good cash flow.

- Have a robust and tested governance policy in place.

- Have no previous or planned sizable redundancy plans.

- Have clear accountancy responsibilities, authorities and audit   trails.


  • For clients with Allianz Legal Expenses cover in place, free or discounted legal and tax advice in relation to their business via a range of online and telephone services
  • Efficient and experienced claims service and access to our claims helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Experienced local underwriters.

Risk Management

FREE guidance via our Allianz risk management website, featuring:

  • Sector-specific risk management advice
  • Access to a free 24/7 helpline for health and safety matters, provided by Praxis42, and a ten minute consultancy via Glen Abbot on business continuity
  • Free ten minute consultancy on how to strengthen online/system security provided by data loss prevention experts at InteliSecure
  • Business impact assessment tool
  • Specially negotiated rates from our preferred suppliers providing access to risk management products and services, such as:

- Praxis 42 – health and safety advice

- InteliSecure – cyber security services

- Glen Abbot – business continuity planning

- Hilti – passive fire protection

- Vero - pre-employment screening services

Engineering Inspection Services

Via Allianz Engineering we offer a wide range of plant and machinery inspection services, including:

  • Electrical and mechanical inspections
  • Lift and crane inspections
  • Power/press inspection
  • Pressure plant inspections.

In addition, Allianz Engineering's Special Services Team can arrange one-off inspections coupled with bespoke consultation in the fields of:

  • Electrical Services, such as fixed wiring inspections and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Energy Services.

Documentation for Commercial Select

To download copies of our Commercial Select policy documents, please click the links below:


When your client makes a claim, they need an insurance provider that understands their loss and will be there at the crucial moments, providing them with the necessary help to get them trading again as quickly as possible.

We'll provide your client with:

  • A dedicated claims handler
  • Out of hours helpline
  • Claims analysis
  • Fraud prevention
  • Expert legal advice.

In addition, we have specialist claims teams to manage certain losses:

  • Dedicated risk experts specialising in property and liability claims
  • Major Loss Team
  • Disease Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Rehabilitation Team
  • Allianz Claims Inspectors.

For more detail on our claims service, please refer to the product documentation.

Follow the links below to find claims contact information:

If you'd like further information on this product, or have a question regarding our services, please contact your local Allianz Commercial branch.

Risk Director

If you have a query regarding Risk Director, please complete the 'Contact Us' form found on the website.