Property & Casualty

Our knowledge and expertise has been developed through over 100 years of providing leading insurance solutions in the UK. Today we are able to provide cover for your clients allowing them the peace of mind that will allow them to move forward and make their business flourish.

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Commercial Select

Provides combined property and casualty insurance for medium to large sized businesses from a variety of industries

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Property Owners Select

Cover for medium to large sized businesses insuring their property portfolio, for both residential and commercial property owners.

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Real Estate Select

A specialist policy wording for property owners with larger premises or portfolios and bespoke risks and schemes, traded exclusively via our dedicated London Market Real Estate team.

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Construction Select

A flexible insurance for your construction clients involved in building and engineering works.

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Print, Publishing and Media

Print, Publishing and Media

Cover to suit the needs of businesses within the print, publishing and media sector, including print and digital publishers, marketing agencies, finishing services, and many more

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Professional Services -

Professional Services

A proposition for professional services businesses including tailored cover extensions and risk management services

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Precision Engineers - welder at work

Metalworking and Precision Engineering

A bespoke solution extending on our General Manufacturing proposition, providing additional covers and risk management services

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General Manufacturing

Flexible cover with tailored wording extensions and services suitable for general manufacturing trades

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Wholesale and Retail

Broad and flexible cover suitable for wholesale and retail trades with a premium between £5,000 - £100,000

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Excess of Loss - construction workers

Excess of Loss

Top up liability cover for businesses within a wide range of trades and industries, from large multinationals, to small shops.

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Multinational Solutions

Cover designed to meet the demands of clients based in the UK who have assets or liabilities elsewhere

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