International Property Owners Select

To meet the increasing demand of property owners who are domiciled in the UK, but also own properties in other countries, we have established an Allianz International Commercial Network to help you get the compliant insurance solutions your client may need – wherever they operate.

Find out more about Multinational Solutions or download the wordings from the list below.

International Property Owners Select - Policy Wordings

UK Section
Section Reference Wording
Policy Document Assets ACOM3099 Front Cover
ACOM3098 Welcome Page
ACOM1191 Introduction Section
Property Damage ACOM1192 Property Damage All Risks
ACOM1193 Property Damage Events
Business Interruption - All Risks ACOM1194 Loss Of Rent All Risks
ACOM1195 Loss Of Rent All Risks - Declaration Linked
Business Interruption -
ACOM1196 Loss Of Rent Events
ACOM1197 Loss Of Rent Events - Declaration Linked
Liability ACOM1198 Property Owners Liability
ACOM1199 Employers Liability
Overseas Section
Section Reference Wording
Property Damage ACOM3025 Property Damage Events
ACOM3029 Property Damage All Risks Section
Business Interruption
- All Risks
ACOM3023 Loss Of Rent - Declaration Linked
ACOM3024 Loss Of Rent
Business Interruption - Events
ACOM3026 Loss of Rent
ACOM3028 Loss of Rent - Declaration Linked
Liability ACOM3027 Property Owners Liability
ACOM3031 Employers Liability
Other Sections ACOM1157 Directors and Officers
ACOM1158 Business Travel
ACOM1159 Fidelity Insurance
ACOM1200 Commercial Legal Expenses
ACOM1161 Terrorism
ACOM1162 Computer
ACOM1163 Accident
ACOM1165 Money
ACOM1166 Goods in Transit
ACOM1167 Specified All Risks