International Commercial Select

In the United Kingdom, pan-European cover can be provided under International versions of our Commercial Select product under International Commercial Select. The International version of the United Kingdom policies can by further extended, where appropriate, to incorporate extensions to cover.

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International Commercial Select - Policy Wordings

UK Section
Section Reference Wording
Policy Document Assets ACOM1132 Front Cover
ACOM1131 Welcome Page
ACOM1130 Introduction Section
Property Damage ACOM1183 Property Damage Events
ACOM1210 Property Damage All Risks Section
Business Interruption - Events ACOM1202 Additional Cost of Working
ACOM1203 Gross Profit
ACOM1204 Estimated Gross Profit
ACOM1205 Gross Rent
ACOM1222 Estimated Gross Rent
ACOM1206 Revenue
ACOM1207 Estimated Revenue
ACOM1208 Income
ACOM1209 Estimated Income
Business Interruption -
All Risks
ACOM1211 Additional Cost of Working
ACOM1212 Gross Rent
ACOM1223 Estimated Gross Rent
ACOM1213 Revenue
ACOM1214 Estimated Revenue
ACOM1216 Gross Profit
ACOM1215 Estimated Gross Profit
ACOM1217 Income
ACOM1221 Estimated Income
Liability ACOM1218 Public Products Liability
ACOM1219 Employers Liability
Overseas Section
Section Reference Wording
Property Damage ACOM1133 Property Damage Events
ACOM1136 Property Damage All Risks Section
Business Interruption
- All Risks
ACOM1134 Additional Cost of Working
ACOM1135 Estimated Gross Profit
ACOM1137 Estimated Income
ACOM1138 Gross Profit
ACOM1139 Income
ACOM1140 Estimated Revenue
ACOM1141 Gross Rent
ACOM1142 Estimated Gross Rent
ACOM1143 Revenue
Business Interruption - Events
ACOM1144 Estimated Gross Rent
ACOM1145 Additional Cost of Working
ACOM1146 Gross Rent
ACOM1147 Book Debts Extension - Events
ACOM1148 Book Debts Extension
ACOM1149 Estimated Gross Profit
ACOM1150 Gross Profit
ACOM1151 Revenue
ACOM1152 Estimated Revenue
ACOM1153 Income
ACOM1154 Estimated Income
Liability ACOM1155 Public Products Liability
ACOM1156 Employers Liability
Other Sections ACOM1157 Directors and Officers
ACOM1158 Business Travel
ACOM1159 Fidelity Insurance
ACOM1160 Commercial Legal Expenses
ACOM1161 Terrorism
ACOM1162 Computer
ACOM1163 Accident
ACOM1165 Money
ACOM1166 Goods in Transit
ACOM1167 Specified All Risks