As a specialist engineering insurer we offer industry expertise and a dedicated engineering claims team alongside our wide range of insurance solutions.

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Contractors, Construction & Machinery Movement

Our construction insurance policies protect against the cost of loss or damage to building works, contract materials and equipment involved in construction

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Construction Project All Risks

Designed to protect employers undertaking a construction project against the cost of loss or damage

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Machinery Breakdown

Solutions that cover the cost of repair and replacement of machinery that is essential to the running of your client’s business

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Machinery Business Interruption

Provides protection against financial losses caused by unforeseen damage to machinery

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Computer and Electronic Equipment

Specifically designed covers for damage to hardware (static and portable), computer media and any additional expenditure incurred as a result of such damage. Our Electronic Equipment policy tailors this cover to items such as audio visual equipment or medical scanners

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Deterioration of Stock

Protection against the cost of unforeseen damage to refrigerated goods owned and in the care of the Insured

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An insurance policy designed to dovetail with the underlying general cover, providing cover against Acts of Terrorism.

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Renewable Power

Specially designed insurance products for the construction and/or operation of hydro, solar and wind power installations, supported by Allianz Engineering inspection and consultancy services.

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