Risk Director

Risk Director is a free online risk management service for Allianz Commercial policyholders and brokers. It provides access to reputable products and services, guidance and support that can help businesses put measures in place to limit the:

  • cost of repairing/replacing damaged property
  • likelihood of a destructive fire
  • threat of injury to customers and employees (and consequential compensation claims)
  • chances of facing criminal prosecution and fines
  • extent of business interruption and loss of income.

Features of Risk Director

  • risk improvement reports – easily viewable to clients and their brokers, this enables risk improvements to be seen and acted on as required (registration required to view individual policy reports)
  • risk control notes – over 120 simple to follow and downloadable topic related guidance notes. These cover a wide variety of business subjects to assist with managing risk
  • a health and safety toolkit – a do-it-yourself, online, step-by-step guide to creating a complete health and safety management system, or review what may already be in place
  • risk management guides – trade and risk specific guides developed especially for small and medium sized (SME) businesses. These guides give real world, practical guidance for a number of risk impacts for a range of SME businesses. Easily downloaded, they can be printed for quick reference
  • infosite guide – a convenient downloadable guide, containing an extensive range of websites that can be useful in managing risk
  • e-training modules – to assist with business training on a wide range of subjects at discounted rates
  • preferred suppliers – discounts are available on a wide range of risk management products and services from our preferred suppliers.