Premium Instalment Plan (PIP)

An easy and convenient way of spreading the cost of your customers' premiums.

To apply for instalments please send this Quick Guide to your customer:

Download Quick Guide to the Allianz Instalment System [PDF]

For frequently asked questions about our instalments system, please refer to our Q&A document.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI)

To ensure you’re able to meet the FCA’s regulatory requirements in providing a pre-contract information sheet (SECCI), we’ve created an online calculator.

Go to our SECCI Instalment Calculator

Allianz Account Reconciliation Centre (ARC)

Save time and money by providing your statement data online and greatly improve the process for settling your Allianz accounts, helping you manage your cash and credit control processes.

How do I access ARC?

Implementing ARC is simple, all you need is internet access for your accounts staff and to register to imarket first.

Once registered to imarket, follow these simple steps:

  1. click on ‘Products & Services
  2. then ‘Accounts
  3. then ‘Getting started
  4. then ‘Getting Started with ARC’.

Transforming the UK broker/insurer settlement processes

Insurers and brokers using ARC report a 40% plus saving in time spent on their reconciliation process.

Other benefits include:

  • Rapid transition from paper based processes to a fast electronic flow of information.
  • Improved debt management - ARC enables quick search and sorting of all data on all your accounts and consolidates existing accounts into a single view.
  • Time saving by reducing the peaks and troughs of the monthly cycle. ARC's enquiry facilities with comments and audit trail enable the easy interrogation of entries.
  • Improved broker/insurer communication leading to quicker query resolution through ARC's system notification of activity on accounts and real-time query handling.
  • Process standardisation - ARC is an industry solution with consistency of process across all brokers and insurers.
  • It's FREE!

For more information, please email