About our joint venture with LV=

In December 2017, Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society (“LV=”) and Allianz Insurance plc (“Allianz”) began a strategic partnership  through a joint venture (Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group (“LV=GI”)) under the LV= brand name with a view to LV=GI becoming the UK’s third largest personal lines insurer.

As part of this new partnership, LV= GI acquired the right to issue new business invitations to Allianz’s personal home and motor insurance customers via their brokers. In turn, Allianz acquired the right to offer LV=’s commercial lines customers new business invitations via their brokers.

Allianz's existing commercial lines business will not be affected by the joint venture.



Find below answers to questions about the joint venture frequently asked by brokers.

Customers should refer to allianz.co.uk/LV for FAQs applicable to them.

With effect from June 2018, the process for LV= to offer new business invitations to Allianz’s existing personal lines customers commenced.

Allianz will no longer be issuing new business or renewal invitations for personal lines business. Communications were sent out to affected brokers by Allianz, providing information about the transfer process and notification of our intention to terminate the agency and/or TOBA (as applicable).

Allianz started issuing new business invitations to the brokers of LV=GI commercial lines policyholders from 20 September 2018. From this date, LV=GI stopped issuing new business or renewal invitations for commercial lines business.

Allianz is aiming to complete the business transfer process by the end of Q4 2019.

Download our broker migration briefing pack and the assets below for more information:

Please speak to your local Allianz representative if you have queries about specific products or cases.